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Tattooed Names and Their Not So Significant Place

Tattoos are one of the most interesting options we have as humans for body modification. Tattoos and the way to receive tattoos have even changed just over the past several decades. There was a time when tattoos were manually hammered into the body through sharp stones and tools. With just a small hammer, some ink, and tools fashioned out of stone, you could have yourself a tattoo. Things have drastically changed since the stone age but one thing is for sure, the skill of tattoo artists and types of tattoos you can recieve have changed exceedingly. These days, tattoo artists take hours upon hours to create an illustration that their client wants on their body. The sheer level of expertise and skill of these artists has now been able to be documented on people’s body’s as tattoos. Something that many tattoo artists stray away from suggesting or encouraging their clients about, is receiving a tattoo of someone’s name. There are many different categories of names that a person could choose from, so not all names are bad. Today, we’ll be talking about names and their significance, and not so significant place in tattoo culture.

Names vs. Designs and Illustrations

Tattoos of names on a body are completely different than designs or illustrations. They usually point to a memory of a relationship. The type of relationship will make or break the meaning of the tattoo. A design or illustration stands forever. They point to a time or symbol in someones life that holds a special place in their heart. For example, a lot of people who get tattoos like getting outstanding illustrations of a piece of art. This allows the tattoo piece to be completely customizable. This proves the diversity of illustrators in the tattoo artist community. Having to create completely new art for a client is challenging, but the result is absolutely worth it.  The sentiment of the piece really stands out as well. In order for a tattoo to be sentimental, there’s got to be a story behind it. We see many people who receive tattoos for sentimental reasons. The cool thing about sentiments and tattoos is that they can be relational from the artist and the client, and vice versa. When you get to have a special bond with a tattoo artist, your tattoo usually means even more to the both of you. The tattoo becomes more memorable.   

Tattoos and Names

Tattoos and names have been synonymous for ages. Names have been something that has been a  part of the world’s genealogy since the very beginning. People have all kinds of different types of names. Concerning tattoos, the name being tattooed really depends on the relationship. These relationships can range from a family member, a pet’s name and even all the way to a significant other or ex-significant other. We’ll be talking about how the influence of a significant other and their name can affect the who and what of a tattoo. A lot of people take their romantic relationships seriously. So seriously, that they consider getting a tattoo to commemorate the longevity of their relationship. That’s where the irony of this whole situation comes in. If you’re going to get a tattoo of a name of a significant other somewhere on your body, you should probably wait till your relationship has been consecrated in many years of marriage. That way, you’ve already been together with your partner for many, committed years. This helps you avoid a huge topic related to this article. 

Tattoos and Significant Other’s Names

When you accept the task of getting a significant other’s name as a tattoo, it comes with a lot of risks.  The first, and probably biggest fear of getting a significant other’s name as a tattoo is the fact that you could break up with that person and never be in a relationship with them ever again. This would leave you with a name of a person on your skin forever until you decide to get it removed or tattooed over. As you can imagine, this is completely mortifying. The regret of getting a tattoo of someone’s name that you are now broken up with is absolutely horrifying. You would have to live with this bad choice until you have enough money to correct it. And then the stress of having people ask you about to the tattoo comes with this whole problem as well. You’ll have your friends and family who “told you so”, colleagues and people you work with who will ask you why you got the tattoo in the first place if you were going to break up anyway. All in all, there are just too many things that could go completely wrong if you choose to get the name of your significant other as a tattoo. 

Tattoos and Placement of Names on the Body

Now we’re going to talk about the placement of tattoos and names on the body. When getting a tattoo, tattoo shops and artists really try to steer away from certain places on the body. This is because many clients will complain that the artist suggested a certain area, when it was the customer’s fault, and choice all along. Many customers will blame the tattoo artist for something they never chose. For example, tramps stamps, or tattoos on you very low back, have gotten a bad rep in the tattoo community for obvious reasons. It’s a lude spot on your body to get a tattoo and the name of the type of tattoo embarrassing in and of itself for yourself, especially if it’s still  the name of your ex significant other. It’s not that we’d be judging a person for their tattoo on their lower back, we’d actually be looking out for them. 

We really need to be looking out for our friends and family when it comes to tattoos. Whether it’s getting an illustration, or a name. We would be helping these people, not harming them.

Educating your loved ones and family about these things is a full proof way to avoid heartache embarrassment.